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David Papp, Photographer, Entrepreneur, Tech Guru

David Papp

David Papp is an Alberta-born tech pioneer. Running a digital agency with video studios, David has a wide variety of passions – including landscape and astrophotography. With his knowledge of technology, photography, and thirst for the outdoors, David has explored some amazing locations to capture timelapses having a definite soft spot for the Milky Way.

Greg Scratchley, Photographer, videographer, digital media guy

Greg Scratchley

Greg has been taking photographs for over 30 years shooting 35mm, Medium and Large Format as well as darkroom printing. After a number of years away from photography, Greg’s creativity has returned over the past decade in the form of video production and editing.  Coming full circle, Greg is now back to photography as a self described ‘amateur’ focused on honing composition skills and more technical shooting with post-production.